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Garlic Crusher

This is the stainless steel Garlic Press with the help of this garlic press we can easily crusher the garlic.

Description of Garlic Crusher

This is stainless steel garlic crusher and this gralic crusher is Kitchen device and with the help of this garlic crusher we can easily squeeze the garlic or ginger garlic.

This garlic squeezer is safe material and it is made of premium stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and this garlic squeezer is durable ABS plastic and this garlic press will not rust and will not break.

This garlic press is ergonomic design and it aslo designed with unique grip, so it is very comfortable to hold this garlic press. The arc shape and the comfortable handle is design to squeeze garlic easily. This garlic press is perfect kitchenware and unique home tool.

This garlic press is very easy to clean and store. The size of this garlic crusher is ingenious compact, so it is easy to clean and store and it is also portable, beneficial for storing. After using this garlic press, clean this garlic press with tap water.

Specification Of Garlic Crusher

The arc structure of this garlic crusher, help to save time and effort.

The garlic hole is pressed intensively, so the garlic is pressed out by the fine hole by this process your garlic is squeeze.

At first we have to put the garlic on the cutting board then we have to apply the force to crush it back and forth.

The garlic crusher has dense garlic hole and fine holes, so we can easily press the garlic.

The garlic crusher is suitable for Kitchen garlic crusher. It has stainless steel bottom edge, so that we can quickly crush the garlic. The stainless steel garlic crushing hole are evenly spaced and increasing the force and the force area of the garlic can come out of the garlic crushing with a light pressure. This garlic press is easy to operate, easy to clean, easy to make a lot of garlic and it save the time and it is more convenient for people of Kitchen life.