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Headrest Hooks

Headrest hook of car is beneficial to hang internal accessories such as grocery bags, shopping bags, toys, umbrella, purse, handbag, school bag, water bottle and many more. It has better stability so it prevents falling off.

Features of Headrest Hooks

Headrest hooks can be used to hang storage groceries, handbags, wallets, shopping bags etc. This headrest hooks expand the interior space of the car, which make our car more clean and we have more space in car to seat.

The headrest hooks has high tensile strength and this headrest hooks is strong and durable.

The headrest hooks is environmentally friendly and it is designed as anti – drop opening and it’s edge smoothing does not hurt hands.

Headrest hooks are made of superior materials, so that the things that is hanged on them are not fall off.

The headrest hooks is used as font hanging types. The headrest hooks is also easy to use when turned to the front.

Headrest hooks is great to keep your car organized for an enjoyable ride.

The half open design of this headset hooks makes you easy to install these hooks and we don’t have to take off the headset. We can easily set or remove the headset hooks quickly and conveniently.

Headrest hooks is universal fit

This headrest hooks are compatible for every car, suv, van, truck and this headrest hooks converts your car headrest into a convenient storage space to hang purse, grocery, bags, clothes, handbags and many more.

Materials of headrest hooks

The headrest hooks is made of high quality plastic materials and the smooth edges will not scratch the interior of the car.

Function of the headrest hooks

The headrest hooks are easy way to hang groceries, purse, clothes, school bags, shopping bags, baby supplies, umbrella and many other hanagable items and it keep your bags and other hanged items free from falling and it keep your car clean and tidy and your travel will be more comfortable and happy.

Headrest hooks is anti falling buckle

The headrest hooks is two stage anti stripping design and this headrest hooks adapt various head restraints and if the vehicle shake while moving the hanged Items will not fall off.

Uses of headset hooks

We can used this headrest hooks for hanging

we can use this headrest hooks to hang our daily hanging bags, umbrella, school bags, baby supplies etc and it make your car clean and tidy and this headrest hooks is convenient at back seat.

we can used the headrest hooks to hang the breakfast snacks

We can used this headset hooks to hang soy milk drinks and this headrest hooks keep this drinks stable and it don’t fall on the trailer.

Installation steps of this headrest hooks

Step 1. At first step, we have to allign the hook with the rod.

Step 2. At second step, we have to flush mount.

Step 3. At third step, we have to hang items.

Step 4. At fourth step, we have to pull up or take down the headrest hooks to store this headrest hooks.

FAQ: Headrest hooks is best for cars

Headrest hooks is beneficial for cars. It is used to hang groceries, handbags, wallets, shopping bags, umbrella and many other hanagable items and it also keep our car clean and tidy.

Q1. Does the Items fall off from headrest hooks while driving?

Ans: No, the items doesn’t fall off from the headrest hooks while driving because the headrest hooks is designed as two stage anti – stripping design.

Q2. What are the function of this headrest hooks?

Ans: The function of this headrest hooks are easy way to hang groceries, clothes, school bags, umbrella and many other hanagable items.