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Watermelon Cutter

New Watermelon cutter and it is made of stainless steel. It cut the fruit into slicer and it also cut Kitchen Accessories.

Feature of watermelon cutter

It is environmentally friendly plastic and stainless steel blade.

We can easily cut the mealon into 12 uniform slices.

The handle of watermelon cutter is non-slipy so, it offer great user convenience.

It cut the watermelon in a quick and clean way.

It is multifunctional for home Kitchen to cut the fruit salads and making perfect ball of melon, Papaya, Mango, Dragon fruits and others.

This slicing tool can help you to cut watermelon into consistent size and pieces and it is easy to operate. This fruit slicer is with delicate appearance, light and functional. It is made of high quality stainless steel blade, sharp and it is more durable. It is especially designed for cutting ball shape fruit an vegetable like watermelon, cantaloupe into various pieces.