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Shoes Rack

This is a shoes rack cabinet organiser and it is portable and durable and it is simpe and elegant and it store all adults shoes such as boots, regular heels, sneakers and it protect your shoes from dust and it keep your shoes well organised.

Features Of Shoes Rack

Shoes rack has transparent door so it is more convenient to find your shoes easily.

Shoes rack can easily store your sandals, skate shoes, leather shoes, short boots, high heel etc.

Each cube of the shoes rack can hold four pairs of shoes or two pairs of boots so to put the four pairs of shoes we don’t have to remove middle panels but if we have to put the two pairs of boots we have to remove the middle panels to easily adjust two pairs of boots.

We can easily store different items in shoes rack. Shoes storage rack has many uses, we can not just only put our shoes, we can easily remove the partition panel which will give us a higher storage space so we can easily store our boots, heels, clothes, bags, makeup items etc.

Shoes rack has large capacity so we can easily store the shoes of different seasons and with compartments it has double layer storage and without compartments we can easily place 30cm high boots.

We can easily put our shoes inside shoes rack and it aslo used for storage cabinet and we can also hang our hats and handbags at the side of shoes rack and it has dust proof doors and it is not very transparent.

Shoes rack is crafted with premium connectors and it has durable plastic panels and it has anti – tip kit ensures safe use in living room, bedrooms.

Shoes Rack Suitable For All Space

We can easily place this rack anywhere in the house and the shoes rack is strong enough, spacious, compact and it can be placed in closet, living room, doorway bedroom, office etc and it is equipped with assemble instructions and assemble tools help us to assemble this shoes rack easily and quickly.

Shoes Rack Has Creative Design

We can put our bags and keys on the top shelf of this shoes rack and it help to increase the storage space and it helps to make our room more tidy and the transparent can easily help us to see the shoes clearly and it is also easy to take out shoes and it also prevent dust.

Shoes Rack Is Dust – Proof And Prevent Our Pets From Chewing Our Shoes

We can easily put our different types of shoes inside the shoes rack and it effectively prevents our shoes from dust and it is very easy to clean the shoes rack and it keep our shoes clean and the features of the shoes rack come with an easy way to open and the transparent door of the shoes rack help us to find our shoes easily and quickly and it aslo prevents our pets from chewing our shoes.

Multi – Function

Shoes rack can be used as shoes rack and it has entryway cabinet and this shoes cabinet has movable portion and it has height adjusting features and it can be moved up and down and it is detachable and it can be freely adjusted according to height of our shoes.

We Can Easily Assemble Shoes Rack

This shoes rack has instruction manuals to help the customer so the customer can smoothly organise this shoes rack and we can also easily detachable this shoes rack and it is recommended to tap repeatedly to avoid gaps between the cross point.

Shoes Rack Has Expandable Design

We can easily customize the design of this shoes rack according to our needs and we can easily put the shoes rack in the closet, store shoes, hats, clothes, toys etc and we can also keep our everyday storage handy.

Sturdy Structure

The shoes rack is made of metal frame and it is waterproof and it is easy to clean and it is also environmentally friendly and it is harmless and durable.