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Toilet Lid Lifter

This is a toilet lid lifter and it avoid direct contact with the toilet seat cover and reduces bacterial infection and it is easy to use for the children and the elderly.

Features Of Toilet Lid Lifter

Toilet lid lifter is made of high quality materials and we can use it for long term and it reduces replacement frequency.

This toilet lid lifter help us to effortlessly lift the toilet lid and it add a touch of cuteness to our bathroom and it is hygienic to open the toilet lid and it is convenient and durable.

This toilet lid has multi – gear buckle and it stuck firmly and it will not fall off and it is made of silicone materials and it has frosted surface and it has smooth edges without burrs and it provide cleanliness and hygiene and it help us to lift the toilet lid more easily and it is a good helper in our life.

This toilet lid lifter is very simple and easy to install, we don’t need to call any professionals for installation and it also save our time and installation costs.

We can lift the toilet lid lifter with a slight pull by our hand and it effectively avoid the contact between hands and toilet and it is wear and tear resisting and it is resisting to dirt and it is aging resistance.

Clean And Healthy

Toilet lid lifter avoid direct contact with toilet seat and we can lift or lower the toilet seat through it and the lovely design of toilet lid lifter ensures that it will not slide and it is easy to assemble and disassemble on toilet lid and it can be adjusted and repositioned at any time, if necessary and this lid lifter will revolutionise our bathroom experience and say good bye to dirty hands and hello to clean.

Details Analysis Of Toilet Lid Lifter

The toilet lid lifter has anti – slip design and it can adjusted according to size and it has good flexibility and it made of silicone materials and it has good toughness and elasticity and it has simpe and stylish appearance and it is very convenient and practical and we can use it for any place such as home, office or place where businesses of fashion bathroom.

Scure And Adjustable

This toilet lid lifter prevents from slipping or falling off, because it has multi – level adjustable buckle and it securely fit on all toilet lid sizes and it is long – lasting solution for your sanitation needs and it ensures safety and it can be used repeatedly and its smooth surface repels dirt, so it is easy to clean, we just have to wipe or rise under running water and it is compact in size and easy to carry and easy to store.

Say Good Bye To Dirty Hand

Say good bye to touching dirty toilet lid with this innovative toilet lid lifter and it keep our hand clean and it give experience a hygiene bathroom and make our bathroom more convenient and it is durable and easy to use and ditch the traditional lid lifting method and use this game changing lid lifter instead.

Improve Comfort

Toilet lid lifter can easily lifted and lowered without manual operation and it provide us with a more convenient and hygiene use experience.

Easy To Use

This toilet lid lifter is very easy to use, we have to simply place the lifter on the edge of the toilet seat and lift it up and it allow us to effortlessly lift the seat with one hand and it can withstand regular use without bending or breaking and it provide a reliable solution for lifting toilet seats.

Installation Method Of Toilet Lid Lifter

Step 1: At first step, we have to pass the lid around the toilet seat.

Step 2: At second step, we have to pass it through the hole.

Step 3: At third step, we have to adjust it to the appropriate length.

Step 4: At fourth step, the installation of toilet lid lifter is complete and it is ready to use.