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Toothpick Holder

This is toothpick holder and toothpick holder is hold by cute little bird and it is easy to take the toothpick and it will not fall from bird mouth and this toothpick holder is simpe and beautiful and we have to press the head of bird the it automatically peck out toothpick and it is perfect to add touch of charm to our dining experience.

Features Of Toothpick Holder

Toothpick holder is small in size and it has large capacity so that it can hold a large number of toothpick.

We have to press the head of the bird then the bird automatically pecks the toothpick and we have to open the lid to put the toothpick inside the toothpick holder.

Toothpick holder has non – slip base and toothpick holder has strong beak and it can store toothpick in huge capacity.

Toothpick holder is used on various occasions and it is suitable for families, hotel, restaurants, offices, clubs, cafe and any parties.

Toothpick holder is strong and durable, fine workmanship, smooth and the bottom is non – slip.

Toothpick holder protect your toothpicks from water and dust.

Toothpick holder is made of light weight and it has durable plastic and the toothpick holder is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touchs of charm to their dining experience.

Toothpick holder is also used during the outdoor activities such as outdoor family gathering for picnic, party and many more.

We can elevates our table decorations with this bird shaped toothpick dispenser and this toothpick holder must have for anyone who loves the bird and for those who looking for fun and functional accessory.

Design Of This Toothpick Holder

1. Toothpick won’t fall

The toothpick will not fall from the mouth of the bird.

2. Press Design

Toothpick holder has press design and it automatically peck out toothpicks, we have to press the head of the bird with our hand then the bird will automatically peck out the toothpicks. This toothpick holder is hygienic, practical and easy to use.

3. Small size and large capacity

Toothpick holder can hold a large number of toothpicks because it has largecapacity to hold more toothpicks. The removable cover design of this toothpick holder is convenient to take out in large quantities and it is more convenient to clean this toothpick holder.

Beauty And Wisdom, Toothpick Holder

This toothpick holder is convenience and this toothpick holder can be operated with one hand and this toothpick holder is simple, convenient and sanitary. The toothpick holder can take only one toothpick at a time and it avoid multiple wastes dumped out of toothpick at the same time.

Toothpick Holder Has Innovative And Unique Shape

This toothpick holder will become a topic in your kitchen and bar. We have to push the bird’s head and it wii pick up a toothpick for you and it is ready to use as an appetizer or cocktail and this bird design toothpick holder look so cool and beautiful in your kitchen.

Toothpick Holder Is Ideal Gift

we can suprise our family and friends with this unique toothpick dispenser or this toothpick holder. The toothpick holder is perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and many other family function.

Toothpick Holder Has Moderate Capacity

Toothpick holder has moderate capacity and it can hold approximately 50 toothpicks and you don’t have to worry having too many or too few toothpicks and it meet your daily needs.

Storage And Protection Of This Toothpick Holder

Toothpick holder store toothpicks and give them efficient protection from contamination and moisture. Toothpick holder is made of high quality materials and it has good sealing performance to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the toothpicks.

Multifunctional Use Of This Toothpick Holder

We can not only used this toothpick holder in Kitchen but we can also used this toothpick holder in offices, family dining table, during outdoor gathering with family members and it can also used as decoration in the house.