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Trash Can

This is trash can and this trash can easily hang, stick and easily put it on the floor and we can also use as kitchen cabinet door and it is sturdy and durable and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Features Of Trash Can

Trash can is ideal for Kitchen recycling garbage and it has wall mounted design for bathroom and it has a lid which prevents spread of odors.

This trash can serves as an attractive home decor and hanging this trash can on the kitchen or bathroom walls also save space and also adds a touch of style and modernity to our home environment.

Trash can has two options of installation first one is hook up design and second is pasting board.

Trash can is sealed with lid and it blocks odors from wafting away and it has excellent sealing performance and it effectively prevents spread of odors.

we can easily hang this trash can and it will not fall to the ground so, it is more convenient to clean the ground and there is no dead corner left when we are cleaning the floor with mop and while cleaning we don’t need to put the trash can here and there.

There are two way to open this trash can, first one is by sliding the lid and second one is by flipping the lid and it is tightly seal and it reject peculiar smell and the closed design of this trash can effectively prevent the spread of peculiar smell and keep our kitchen clean and hygiene.

This trash can has strong bearing so, we don’t need to worry or afraid of falling the garbage.

This trash can is durable and it is made from sturdy materials and it can withstand heavy use and it is resistant to wear and tear and it ensures the long term reliability and this trash can is stylish and also space saving and its compact shapes ensures it fit perfectly on the floor, wall, Kitchen door cabinet.

Trash Can Has Good Sealing

This trash can has good sealing and after we put trash in it we just have to push the lid gently and we don’t have to push it back entirely, it will back to the place and the lid is still sealed after automatic reset and it can effectively prevent the odor from escaping and this trash can is also dog proof, dog will not take out garbage from trash can.

Trash Can Has Multiple Use

This trash can is suitable for offiecs, Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry etc and it is also perfect for baby changing table and it saves space and it is environmentally friendly trash can and it has large opening design so, we can easily put garbage inside it and it has hook design we can move freely according to our own needs.

Hanging Or Wall Mounted

This trash can be installed in any pace you find comfortable to use this trash can and we also hang this trash can on Kitchen cabinet door or we can use adhesive hooks or strips to stick it on vertical surface and we can also just place this trash can on a countertop or anywhere on the floor of your kitchen, bedroom, toilet, living room etc.

Odor Blocking

This trash can help to keep our kitchen clean and block odor coming from the bin because it has lid and this trash can with lid can makes us worries free about coming fruit flies or odor smell in our kitchen, living room, toilet etc.

Wall Mounted Hook Installation Methods

Step 1: At first step, we have to prepare the trash can and pick adhesive hook.

Step 2: At second step, we have to snap adhesive hook with alignment buckle groove.

Step 3: At third step, this trash can be used, after hanging on cabinet door.

Adhesive Hanging Installation Method

Step 1: At first step, we have to pick up the patch and tear it apart.

Step 2: At second step, we have to stick the patch, where you love to put this trash can.

Step 3: At third step, we have to hang the barrel card slot into the patch and it is ready to use.