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Wall Protector Pads

This is a door wall protector pads and it protect the newly decorated walls from the damage, it protect the wall from door hits, it protect the wall from table hits and it is widely applicable and it is not easy to damage, deform and it is durable.

Features Of Wall Protector Pads

Wall protector pads has soft, durable, transparent and it can stick on Wall, toilet seat, wardrobe door, drawer and we can also stick it on the bottom of our laptop or keyboard to prevent from slipping.

Wall protector pads protect the walls surface and it reduce noise and it also prevent wall collision behind the door.

Walls protector pads is good solution to avoid marks on walls or cabinets.

Wall protector pads is widely applicable and it is not easy to deform and it is durable and we can used it for table angle, cupboard door, digital products, toilet seats, behind the refrigerator, behind the sofa, bathroom mirror etc.

Wall protector pads reduce harsh sound of hitting cabinet, doors, drawers etc and it also prevent collisions and eliminate noise and it provide a protective cover.

Wall Protector Pads Is Flexible And Durable

Wall protector pads is environmentally friendly and it is made of soft rubber materials and it has good elasticity and it can slow down the contact surface impact on noise, it reduces the noise. We can use it for long – term because it is not easy to break or damage and it has good viscosity and it will not easily fall off and it is good solution to avoid leaving marks on walls or cabinets. It is effective way to protect your homes wall and ears. It help to slam and ban the noise which is coming from the door handle while opening the door.

Installation Of Wall Protector Pads

We have to peel the protective paper and paste the stick gel on the wall where the door handle usually hits and we have to keep the wall clean and dry before use and we don’t required any tools for installation.

Walls Protector Pads Is Resuable And It Will Not Damage Your Wall

Wall protector pads is washable and reusable on any clean surface. It will not leave any damage or any marks after use on walls so, we can easily place it anywhere, we want to protect the wall from damage.

Multi – Surface Use, Wall Protector Pads

Wall protector pads work well with marble, wood, wallpaper, glass, drywall and many more and we can easily stick them behind the walls, refrigerator, cabinets and toilet seats

Wall Protector Pads is Self – Adhesive

Wall protector pads is easy to use and it is build with self – adhesive so that it can easily stick on desk, cabinets, table, walls and ony other furniture that needs cushioning or sound dampening.

Wall Protector Pads Protect Furniture Tops

Wall protector pads protect your furniture from wear and tear. We can stick these surface guards to the bottom of boxes, vases and other trinkets and gadgets that is sits on your tables or counters made of glass, wood, marble or any other materials that you want to protect them from damage or any scratches.

Installation Process Of Wall Protector Pads In Steps

Step 1: At first step, we have to wipe the wall and clean the wall.

Step 2: At second step, we have to tear the release paper on the back of the product.

Step 3: At third step, we have to paste the product to the wall and squeeze it.

Step 4: At fourth step, it is ready to use after being firmly pasted.