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Water Dispenser

This is USB chargable, automatic and portable water display and it is safe, durable and reusable and we can use it for long time without worrying about leaking and breaking.

Features Of Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser is designed as leak proof and with a detachable spout and it is easy to clean and this water dispenser pump ensures hassle free dispensing every time.

Water Dispenser is stylish looking and it is portable and it is easy to use and it is designed as removable hose for easy to cleaning.

Water Dispenser has one switch operation and it is totally hassle free, even kids and elders can easily operate this water dispenser.

Water Dispenser is convenience for indoor and outdoor and it can be used in office, home, Kitchen, camping, activities, picnic etc.

Water Dispenser solve your daily healthy drinking water problem and it is small, portable and it is one – click water dispenser and it is universal for big and small barrels.

The purpose of making this water dispenser is make life more convenient and it is portable and it will not consume more space in the house.

Water Dispenser is high compatibility and it is suitable for pure bottled drinking water and it is suitable for variety of models gallon barrel without pry the lid.

Extensive Usage, Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser has extensive usage. We can take it with us, when we go for outdoor picnic and it is perfect for camping, travel, working away from home and we can also take it from hostel to outdoor adventures and it help us to stay hydrated easily and drink clean water anywhere at anytime, without disturbing anybody.

Quite Operation, Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser is safe and durable and we can drink water at anytime, it will not effect your sleep or work. We can enjoy clean water at anytime of the day or night and it will not disturb anyone who is around you.

Touch Button System, Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser has touch buttons which provides a more convenient and sensitive experience and fetching water scientifically and simply more enjoyment in cooking, brewing tea, coffee and milk, roosting and it is suitable for whole family.

Easy Installation And Operation Of Water Dispenser

At first, we have to install the silicon hose to the electric water dispenser then we have to insert the hose in the water and fasten the water dispenser on the bottle mouth and finally we have to press the button at the top of water dispenser to pump out water and to stop again we have to press the button the water will stop coming out from the water dispenser.

Wireless Electric Water Dispenser

This water dispenser is wireless and electric and it provided convenience and it is easy to use in any location and this water dispenser has USB charging features and it allows easy and accessible charging and ensuring it is always ready when you need it.

Water Dispenser Used As Gift Pack

We can used this water dispenser as gift pack to our family members, relatives and we can also gift it to newly married couple and we can also give this water dispenser to our friends who love to go for outdoor camping.

Installation Of Water Dispenser In Steps

Step 1: Install The Hose

At first step, we have to insert the suction hose at the bottom.

Step 2: Connect To Water Jar

At second step, we have to connect the suction pipe to the water jar.

Step 3: Fixed On The Water Jar

At third step, we have to fix the water pump to water jar.

Step 4: One Click Use

At fourth step, we have to press lightly, one key to release water from jar.