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Faucet Extender

This is a faucet extender and it is especially designed for the children to wash their hand and it help the children to access the tap easily and it is made of soft materials and it is easy to use and easy to carry.

Features Of Faucet Extender

Faucet extender has unique design so it fit easily, securely and it will not fall off or come apart.

We can easily remove this faucet extender for cleaning and it is suitable for home and outdoor use and it has smooth and delicate touch.

Faucet extender help to extending to the front of the sink and it makes the water stream closer to the kids and the kids have much more fun while washing their hands and we can help our children to tech them healthy sanitation habits.

Faucet extender has smooth surface, which will not scratch children’s hand and at the same time, it can ensure that interior is smooth and it doesn’t damage the surface of the faucet.

We can give this faucet extender as a gift to the children’s in their birthday and any other functions that is celebrated for the children’s.

Children Loved The Faucet Extender

The design of the faucet extender with fun colourful crabs and it satisfy your children’s and it also increase your children’s instrest in learning how to wash their hand properly. The children’s will enjoy to wash hand and they will form new habits.

Extended Design Of Faucet

Faucet extender adopts an extended design and because of extended design it makes easier and safe for children to wash their hands. Faucet extender will be great help to your children while washing your children’s hand.

Faucet Extender Is Durable And Easy To Clean

Faucet extender has soft yet sturdy and featuring rounded corners and it has no sharp edges and faucet extender is lightweight and it is easy to carry and easy to install and it is also easy to portable so that we can take it with us when we travels to different other places and it also promote good hygiene and good habits to our children’s.

Faucet Extender Is Suitable For Most Faucets

Faucet extender for children’s is suitable for most faucet. When our children’s hand is not long enough to touch the faucet, faucet extender can help our children’s to wash their hand easily. Faucet Extender can extend the faucet handle so the children’s can easily touch the faucet extender to wash their hand easily. The faucet extender can also help the children’s to wash their hand faster and it build healthy habits in children’s.

Faucet Extender Is Great Children’s Bathroom Accessories

The faucet extender has unique and cute design so the children’s enjoy to wash their hand and the children’s also have fun time while washing their hands and it also cultivates the ability of children’s to independently brush their teeth and wash their face and this faucet extender also prevent water splashing and protect the clothes of children’s from getting wet.

Faucet Extender, Uniform Flow

Faucet extender is designed as large opening and uniform water flow without splashing and the extension mouth of this faucet extender adopts U shaped design, which help to block on three sides effectively and control the water speed and prevent splashing.

Faucet Extender Is Easy To Install

Faucet extender for the children’s is easy to install and easy to clean. We don’t need any tools or any other components to install faucet extender. We have to simply connect the handle extender to the sink handle and the faucet extender to the faucet and the faucet extender brings water closer to the children’s and it help the children’s to wash their hand easily.