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Non Slip Mat

This is non slip mat and this item is useful for homes, garage, workplace, desk and this non slip mat restricts movement when Items are placed on it.

Feature of Non Slip Mat

This non slip mat is used for multipurpose and we can also adjust the size of this non slip mat. The slid protective underlay can be easily cut and fit to any size of mat or rug. The multifunctional non slip mat also makes a great linear for drawers, presses, cupboards and cabinet, it keep the items safely in place and restricts the movement of items.

This non slip mat also give protection to floor. The small grided structure of the slip proof mat allows rugs and carpet, which are placed on top, to breath. This breathable quality protects the floors and surface beneath the anti slip gripper. This non slip mat also provide an underfoot comfort when we walk on the carpet, rug.

This non slip mat is heat resistant. This non slip mat is also suitable on floors with under floor heating in addition to wooden, hardwood, vinyl, tile and wooden floors.

This non slip mat makes your rug last longer.

This non slip mat easy to cut and fit in any shape.

This non slip mat ideal for multiple of non slip applications.

This non slip mat is durable and easy to clean.

Non Slip Mat Protection

Our non slip mat will keep rugs in place and prevent them from bunching and sliding during normal daily use. This non slip mat protect the floors from normal wear and tear and it also protect from high heels. The non slip mat gives carpet and rugs that extra cushion that elevates the comfort of your home.

Easiest Installation of this Non Slip Mat

This non slip mat can be easily trimmed with household scissors for unique size and shape to meet your needs.

This non slip mat is a Game Changer For Futons

This non slip mat is also great for preventing futons, seat cushions and mattresses from sliding and adding more cushion too. Not intended for use on carpets, natural stones, porous, refinished surfaces, lacquered, concrete and heated floor.

This non slip mat use for car trunk

This non slip mat laid on the back of the truck and put the luggage in the truck and the luggage will not slide or move even if you break hard during driving. We can also use this non slip mat in your car, bus, truck just cut this non slip mat into your favourite shapes for placements of small items such as mobile phone, mobile charger, perfume etc to prevent this items from falling.

This non slip mat use on the floor at home

This non slip mat is anti slip and also this non slip mat is heat preservation, we can put this non slip mat under the carpet and this non slip mat prevent the carpet from moving or sliding. We can also used this non slip mat in Kitchen, tea table, vase, the pots and pans in the kitchen and the teacup, glasses and other fragile items on tea table and kitchen can be safely protected from damage.