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Car Sun Shade

This is a car sun shade and it maintain the temperature inside the car from sun and heat and it keep car cool and it has foldable design and it is easy to open and easy to close after use.

Features Of Car Sun Shade

This car sun shade is heat Insulated and it is UV – proof and it is reliable to use and we can use it for long time.

This car sun shade is easy to use, we just have to open it and unfold it to fit in the front window then we have to lower the visor to secure it in place.

Car sun shade is foldable and it is very easy to open and it is very easy to close and it take less space inside the car and it saves space inside the car and it also save time for us in daily use.

This car sun shade is made with multi – layer and it protect the steering wheel and other interior equipment from high temperature and it is wear resistant and aging resistant.

Car sun shade has umbrella design or stretch design and it is small in size so, it is easy to carry and it aim at anti – UV and it lower the temperature of car interior in the summer.

This car sun shade is suitable for all seasons, spring rain, winter snow, summer hot sunny day, autumn leaves.

Car sun shade has sturdy skeleton structure and ten sturdy skeletons and stable supports of it ensure the durability of this car sun shade.

Car Sun Shade Is Heat And Sun Protector

Car sun shade block ultraviolet rays from entering inside the car and it effectively maintain the temperature inside the car and keep our car cool and also it effectively protect the instrument panel and seat cushion of our car from fading and cracking and we feel more comfortable to sit inside the car and the sit of our car will also not get heated, if we used this car sun shade protector.

Car Sun Shade Details

Car sun shade has excellent quality and it shade more assured and it has frosted handle and it effectively prevent skidding and it is more stude and it has wrapped head and it prevents from scratches and it has sturdy telescopic rod and it is black steel skeleton and it has hard texture and it is wear resistant and it has a leather storage case and it is made from high quality leather and it upgrade the level of car from protecting and maintaining temperature of car from inside of the car.

Car Sun Shade Has Large Coverage

Car sun shade has large coverage and it has bat wing shaped designed and it offer large shading area for better heat insulation and it is wide compatibility and it is applicable to various car model with seamless fit and it is effectively shielding your car from harmful sun rays and it reduce heat build – up.

Car Sun Shade Has Hemmed Edges

Car sun shade has hemmed edges and with its hemmed edges this sun shade ensures a snug fit for your car front window and it provide comprehensive protection against the sun and it also keep your car interior cool during hot days.

Car Sun Shade Is Multi Scenario Applicable

Car sun shade keep the cabin cool and it protect your privacy and interior of our car and we can park our car under sunlight on hot summer days and it protect our privacy when we parked our car in outdoor for a long time and we can also take a quick nap in our car and it also protect the leather of car from aging too fast.

Car Sun Shade Is Easy To Install

The design of this car sun shade help us for easy installation and it can be quickly set up on our car’s windshield and we don’t need any special tools or professional assistance to install this car sun shade.

Super Easy To Use In Steps

Step 1: At first step, we have to open this car sun shade in the car.

Step 2: At second step, we have to set it up behind the windshield.

Step 3: At third step, we have to down the windshield sun shades of both driver and passenger seat to set this sun shade umbrella.