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Rice Dispenser

This is rice dispenser storage box and it can store rice, grains and other food items.

Rice Dispenser Features

This rice dispenser designed as sealed design, and because of the sealed design it is water steam and dust free and it keep the rice, grain fresh.

This rice dispenser designed as large capacity so we can store more rice, grain.

This rice dispenser is made of one click distribution design and it is more convenient to use and avoid waste.

This rice dispenser has measuring cup design so we can dispensed the actual amount of rice, grain.

This rice dispenser has glossy not only looks sleek but also makes it easy to clean and maintain and this rice dispenser is also long – lasting durability.

This rice dispenser has measuring cup with scale

This rice dispenser has rice measuring cup with scale, which allow for accurate measure of rice. There are small holes on the sides of the measuring cup to allow easy cleaning rice and draining.

This rice dispenser has wide application

The lid of this rice dispenser is well sealed and this rice dispenser is moisture – proof and can keep our rice, grains out of mice, insects and other pets away. This rice dispenser usable for wide range of grains, from rice to seeds and pasta or cereals.

IRice dispenser description

This rice dispenser has quick rice dispensing. We can operate this rice dispenser with button, suppose if you have to take the rice for cook just press the button then the rice came out. This rice dispenser allow you to dispense rice easily and quickly. This rice dispenser save your time while you are cooking.

This rice dispenser is Smart dispensing. This rice dispenser help to get the appropriate amount of rice every time. This rice dispenser come with the independent rice cups and this rice cup are portable and easy to use. This rice dispenser help to dispense the moderate amount of rice so you can prevent wastage and save money.

This rice dispenser has good sealing. This rice dispenser has a tight lid that prevents moisture and dust from entering inside the rice dispenser. This rice dispenser help to keep your rice fresh and dry for a long time. This rice dispenser also insulate the air to avoid the temperature changes that may affect the quality of rice.

This rice dispenser is suitable for most grains. This rice dispenser can store and dispense various kind of grains such as peanut, oats, rice, red beans, mung beans, soybeans, millet and more.

Our rice dispenser is perfect for those who want to store more food without sacrificing accuracy. This rice dispenser is made with a seal design so we don’t have to worry about unpleasant odour contaminating your food. This rice dispenser is designed for broadly use and this rice dispenser can measure the accurate amount of rice and other grains so there is no chance of wastage.