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Egg Storage Box

This is best egg storage box which can perfectly hold upto 30 eggs and it is easy to use and ensuring that yours eggs stay fresh and clean for longe


This storage box is environmentally friendly materials, using food grade raw materials and it is safe and environmentally friendly. Deep the egg tank to ensure a stable placement of the eggs and prevent them from falling off and breaking.

The egg storage box has three – layer designed double the space instantly. Put the egg storage box on the refrigerator to use the useless space on the upper. After taking one layer of eggs, turn the egg rack over and take the lower layers of eggs, making it easy to take.

Egg storage box keep the egg fresh:

Large opening at the front of the egg storage container, good ventilation, let the egg breathe freshly, longer fresh time.

Egg storage box keep up to 30 eggs:

Each egg tray can hold up to 10 eggs, and it has 3 tray, which means it can easily hold upto 30 eggs perfectly.

We can easily clean the egg storage box:

The design of this egg track makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your eggs stay fresh and clean for longer.

Egg storage box is great Kitchen helper, our multi – layer egg box can place egg in an orderly way to keep them clean and tidy and it is very convenient. Egg storage box is suitable for place in many places, such as refrigerator shelves, cabinet, Kitchen, cupboard, dining table, countetops and also we can take on camping trips.