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Compressed Bath Towel

This is compressed bath towel and it is light weight and compact in size and it easily fits in handbags, backpack, purse and we can easily carry it while we are travelling, camping, mountaineering, hiking and outdoors.

Features Of Compressed Bath Towel

This compressed bath towel is soft and comfortable and this bath towel has good water absorption and it is small in size so, we can easily carry it while travelling.

This compress bath towel is suitable for daily uses we can easily use it while we are on a beach, while having spa, shower and it is also suitable for facial cleaning, beauty remover etc.

This compress bath towel has good flexibility and it is tear resistant and is not easily broke and it is disposable after use.

This bath towel is anti – wrinkle and if we repeatedly rubbish this bath towel with force, the bath towel is not easy to break and it is thick and tough.

This compressed bath towel is convenient and it is spread quickly when we wet this bath towel with water.

The package of this compressed bath towel is lightweight and sterile packaging and it is convenient to carry when we are travelling, gym, or camping and we can easily put it in our luggage.

Bath Towel Is Large And Thick

Compressed bath towel is larger and thicker than standard towel and it gives you luxurious and comfortable bathing experience and it provide us soft and soothing touch and it easily clean our body after bath and it is large in size, it easily cover our body after bath.

Bath Towel Has Space Saving Design

This bath towel has compressed design and it take less space and this bath towel is perfect for those people who love to travel more and this bath towel is perfect for the hotel guests and if we put this bath towel in our hotel rooms then our guests can clean their body with this towel happily and they feel more comfortable while using this bath towel.

Bath Towel Has Strong Water Absorption

This compressed and disposable bath towels can strongly absorb water and this bath towel is flexible and it gives us comfort experience and it is compact in size and after we clean our body once with this compressd bath towel, it can used as rag to wipe table floor etc.

Bath Towel Is Widely Applicable

This compressed and disposable bath towel is widely applicable; we can used this bath towel while we stay in hotel, while we have business travel and while we go for hiking and camping with our friends, family and it is used to clean and dry our face, body and hair and it is also beneficial for us while we are on vacations, we can also used it while we are on salons and spa and it can also used for elderly care, guest care and we can also used it as pet bath towels.

Bath Towel Is Used As Gift Pack

We can used this compressed bath towel as gift pack, we can gift it to our friends, family who love to travell more and we can also gift it to friends, family, relatives who stay in hotel rooms while travelling and it is also perfect for those who travel for business purpose.

Use Of This Bath Towel In steps

Step 1: At first step, we have to take out the compressed bath towel.

Step 2: At second step, we have to soak the bath towel with water.

Step 3: At third step, we have to wring out water from the bath towel.

Step 4: At fourth step, our bath towel is ready to use.