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Fruit slicer

This apple cutter and fruit slicer is suitable for round fruits or vegetables like apple, pear, potatoes. This apple cutter makes eight even slices.

Features of fruit slicer

Apple cutter and fruit slicer is light weight and easy to carry.

Apple cutter and fruit slicer is simple and compact design and easy to clean.

Apple cutter and fruit slicer is safe and suitable for apple, pear, and other fruits.

Apple cutter and fruit slicer is sharp and durable stainless steel blade for effortless cutting.

Apple cutter and fruit slicer is also perfect for making fruits salads.

This fruit slice is Easy to use:

Aim at the core, push the slicer downwards to core through the apple, then slightly twist the core to separate the core and the slices. Please place the apple right side up and aim at the core. Get 12 even slices in one quick maneuver!

This fruit slicer has Anti – Slip Handle

The ergonomic anti – slip handle allows you to feel more comfortable during use the stainless steel apple slicer corer.

This slicer can perfectly cut fruit slices of suitable size when making pies, and can also make salads, fruits desserts and fruit platters.

Using the Masterkart apple cutter, you can quickly serve your guests or family members with neatly cut the apple slices or use them in a fruit salad as per your requirements. The unique design of this cutter precisely removes the core, thus eliminating seeds and giving you only the desirable flesh of the fruit. The seeded core in the centre of an apple makes cutting it a particularly difficult and cumbersome experience.